Assembly Notes Index

I have written several posts with detailed information on constructing my MakerGear Mendel Prusa 3D printer kit (metric version). Since some of the headlines don’t make the contents clear, I thought I’d put an index here, to make them easy to find.

Remember – much of this is specific to MakerGear’s kit. The generalities will be useful for people with other equipment, but any numbers may need modifying for your own printer’s hardware

Tool List : here is a list of tools I found useful or essential in my build.

Mechanical Build : is my step-by-step commentary on the mechanical construction process, referring back to the ‘official’ build instructions. Look here while building your printer to see a bit more explanation of some tricky bits.

Plastruder Build : covers building the MakerGear ‘BrutHead’ stepper-motor extrusion head. It also includes details on how to get an ATX power supply running – which is not as obvious as you’d think.

Electronics Assembly Notes : this is the most complex of my guides, covering what is possibly the most easy stage to get wrong. It assumes you are using a pre-assembled RAMPS board.

RAMPS connections : has some photos and commentary on connecting the various wires to the RAMPS control unit.

Heated Build Platform Notes : illustrates building a heated build platform using the big red printed PCB designed by Mr Prusa. This step is optional, at least to begin with, but large PLA prints (or any size of ABS) will need it eventually.

Evil Molex Crimps :  describes how I replaced my thermistor crimps when they broke.

5V Load Resistor : describes how I added a load resistor to my ATX power supply’s 5V line, to get better voltage regulation and increased power for the nozzle and heated bed. This may be optional – it was for my power supply – but some ATX power supplies don’t work reliably without it.

Making Motors Move :  is a step-by-step rundown on things you have to get right before expecting your motors to move. Note that the four assumptions at the beginning are not optional. If you use different software you may have problems I don’t warn you about (or even know about myself).

Finished Overview : is an overview, with photos of the printer, my home-made filament spool, and a little information about bed levelling.

Retraction Settings : I had problems with blobbing at the beginnings of lines. After days of experimenting, I found that the default retraction speed for Slic3r was too high for my printer.

3D Printing Workflow : This page runs you through the different software stages of creating a final printed object. It doesn’t tell you how to install and configure the programs. I’m afraid that would be too platform-specific for me.

Configuration Files : I have also posted my configuration files for Slic3r, Marlin non-gen6 (not V1), and Sprinter (the old version that MakerGear|Rick provides pre configured on the MakerGear Google group). YMMV. Don’t just blindly use them, copy particular values across and notice what effect they have on your prints.



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