What is that weird object in your banner image?

Bronze geometric sculpture in Brisbane

Bronze geometric sculpture in Brisbane

I realised that I’ve never posted the uncropped version of my banner image, or explained where it came from.

It is a cropped section from a photo I took of this wonderful bronze sculpture at the base of the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, in Australia. Brisbane is my nearest big city, about 2.5 hours drive away.

This sculpture is one of three set close together. They are all over six feet tall, and are both imposing and strange. They remind me of Daleks, and Borg, and the ancient pyramid starships in Stargate. I’ve no idea what the artist/s intended them to mean, and I like that. The Brisbane city centre has a number of quirky public sculptures scattered around the streets.

Another bronze sculpture in Brisbane

Another bronze sculpture in Brisbane

The third bronze sculpture

The third bronze sculpture

Designing my blog meant I had to find an iconic image that somehow symbolised my intentions. A cryptic section of an even more cryptic bronze sculpture seemed like a good metaphor for the possibilities and mysteries involved in DIY 3D printing.

I considered spelling out my blog’s name in gear-encrusted extruded text, but my MakerGear printer kit hadn’t even arrived when I set the design up. Now I could do the extruded text thing, but I’ve got lots of other stuff to design and print, and I’ve got attached to my original cryptic banner image.

Thanks, Rick, for inspiring me to explain the source of the image. You can see that guessing was unlikely to ever get you even close 🙂

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3 Responses to What is that weird object in your banner image?

  1. Gary says:

    I like it. My guess of a tire shredder missed by a large margin.

    • Serah says:

      Forme del Mito- Anarldo Pomodoro. He’s incredibly famous, and those statues were purchased by the government after expo 88.

      • BrazenArtifice says:

        Thanks Serah, I doubt I’d ever have worked that out on my own. I’m so ignorant of modern sculpture that I probably couldn’t name any sculptors less than a couple of hundred years old 😦

        Now you’ve given me usable search terms, google images brings up lots of images of his stuff. Very impressive!

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