Updated build instructions – for z-motor mounts

I’ve just learned a better way of assembling the z-motor mounts on the MakerGear Mendel Prusa kit. The two main references are either outdated or confusing (ie, I was wrong and/or confused), so I’ve added some paragraphs to my mechanical build instructions explaining how to do it right.

If you just want the updated info, search that page for

[Updated 2011/12/26:- Spacing of the z-motor mounts]

Doing it right gets you 10mm more x-axis movement than I’ve got on my printer, and maybe slightly easier mounting of the RAMPS electronics board.

I’m not excited enough by 10mm that I’ll be rebuilding my printer, but if I was building from scratch, the new instructions are how I’d do it.

Thanks to Mark Boszko for asking the question (on the MakerGear google group) that brought this to light, and to MakerGear|Rick (of course) who answered Mark’s question.

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2 Responses to Updated build instructions – for z-motor mounts

  1. Mark C says:

    Thanks for catching this. Yup, mine are mounted incorrectly as well and I don’t think I’m going to correct it… for now.

    Do you have any notes on initial configuration? I finally managed to get Sprinter loaded and Pronterface installed. I plugged it in, got it connected, and the y-motor just buzzes rhythmically without actually moving. It responds to M105 but not any other codes I tried (M998, M84). Clicking +x will make the x-motor buzz but not move. All while the y-motor just keeps buzzing at approximately second intervals.

    I have no idea if this is somewhat normal or if something is seriously screwed up…

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