Has Sculpture charms to soothe a savage Breast?

With apologies to William Congreve.

3D printed bust of Sappho, in clear PLA plastic

Sappho, Lyric Poetess of Ancient Lesbos

I’m still fighting to get the OpenSCAD 3D solid geometry modelling software working again. I want to get back to my raygun modelling. And Bioluminescence’s polypipe construction pieces. And all the other cool geometric stuff in my list.

So I had a go at printing LukeChilson‘s Thing#14565, a bust of the poet Sappho. Feel free to look her up, to find out why she is famous, and why Victorians loved statues of her.

One of the reasons I want 3D scanning to become widespread is so I can have replicas of all the wonderful, evocative and powerful sculptures from the ancient religions of the near east and Europe. Statues of Hindu deities are easily available in shops. Ditto Buddhist statues (despite Buddha’s disdain for statues). Or Christian ones. But just try finding statues of Inanna in your local home-decorator store, or Freya, or those gorgeous cycladic figures.

I’m really bad at letting programs stay non-functional on my computer. It nags at me when I should be doing other things. I get grumpy and pre-occupied. If it is a software problem, it must be fixable!

So while I was trying to find a solution to my “hideous OpenSCAD problem” this morning, I set my printer to work on the Sappho bust. Despite apparently impossible overhangs, and having to scale it down to 80% to fit in the limited vertical space of my printer.

And it worked. It printed with only slight drooping below her right shoulder, and a little ‘goatee’ beneath her chin. She glows beautifully in the light from my (oh-so-outdated and impossible to buy replacement bulbs for) incandescent lamp. And even though there is noticable horizontal layering, I can look at that differently now thanks to Bioluminescence’s post on how retro-desirable that look will be in thirty years. In NLP we call that change in percieved meaning a ‘reframe’. I hope Aphrodite would approve.

So, yes, sculpture does have charms to soothe a savage breast. I feel better now. And I had something to post about. Wins all round.


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