Thingiverse’s “I made one!” button lets makers connect

Glowing translucent print of MakerBlock's OpenSCAD Pirate Ship, printed by Brazen Artifice

MakerBlock's OpenSCAD Pirate Ship (Thing#12856), printed by Brazen Artifice

One of the many cool things about Makerbot’s Thingiverse web site is that it lets makers easily link things that they’ve made back to the design that they used.

Last night I bravely printed this beautiful Pirate Ship, designed by Makerblock. I’m surprised how well it worked, given that the sails are  single strands only a quarter of a millimetre high printed almost but not quite exactly on top of each other.

MakerBlock's OpenSCAD Pirate Ship from further astern

MakerBlock's OpenSCAD Pirate Ship from further astern

After the hull had finished printing, I noticed that the sails were starting to droop slightly from too much heat. I aimed my desk fan onto the model, which lowered the nozzle temperature from the standard 185 Celsius down to 175 Celsius. That seemed to stiffen the PLA up enough to stop the damage propagating up the sails. The clear PLA extrudes a lot more easily and at lower temperatures than the only pigmented PLA I’ve tried.

To get back to the point of the first paragraph: I photographed it, backlit in all its glowing prettiness, and clicked the ‘I made one!’ button, and uploaded the best of my photos.

This morning I fired up the RSS feed reader to see what was happening in the world of desktop 3D printing, and Makerblock (the designer of the ship) had posted about how much he enjoys seeing people print his designs. And there on his blog was my photo of my print of his ship. So happy feelings all round! Thingiverse makes that sort of connection so easy.

I love this community of makers. Such generosity of spirit.

Thanks MakerBlock

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3 Responses to Thingiverse’s “I made one!” button lets makers connect

  1. Cath Clark says:

    Ooooh, that is a thing of beauty! Watch out for any black spots on your palm….

    • BrazenArtifice says:

      My second print of that ship is better in the hull, but the topgallants (or is it the royals? the sails right at the top) have drooped and deformed. I bet it’s that hospital spaceship trying to stop me sailing away.

  2. MakerBlock says:

    You’re quite welcome! That’s a beautiful print!

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