Teaching Slic3r to remember your settings

Slic3r is much faster than Skeinforge, and easier to set up. You can save your current settings, and so build up a library of configurations for different types of filament, or different Z-heights or fill patterns. That’s good.

What it doesn’t do is remember your favourite default settings from run to run. Here I explain how to have Slic3r on Windows start up with your defaults, so you don’t have to remember to load them manually.

Windows gurus will know this without thinking, but I had to work it out for myself. In outline, we’re going to create a configuration file and save it somewhere safe. Then we’ll create a shortcut to the Slic3r executable, and edit the shortcut’s properties so it loads your config file each time it runs.

  1. Run Slic3r, and set your preferred values in the fields of all the tabs.
  2. Click ‘Save Configuration’. Browse to “C:\Users\YourName” and save the file as “Slic3r_config.ini”. Close Slic3r.
  3. Right click on the Slic3r icon that you use to run Slic3r, then click the ‘Properties’ button, then the ‘Open File Location’ button.
  4. Right-click on the Slic3r.exe file and click ‘Create Shortcut’.
  5. Right-click on the new shortcut, click ‘rename’, and name it ‘Slic3r Default’ or ‘Slic3r  Yellow PLA’ or something else meaningful to you.
  6. Right-click on the new shortcut again, and click ‘Properties’
  7. In the ‘Target’ field, add the following at the end of the line
     --load "C:\Users\YourName\Slic3r_config.ini"

    Note that’s two dashes in a row

  8. Click ‘Ok’

All done. Now when you double-click the new shortcut, it’ll run Slic3r with all your settings already loaded. I right-clicked on the shortcut and clicked ‘Pin to Start Menu’ so it is easily available from the Start Menu.

One less thing to have to remember.

(I don’t need to spell out that you replace YourName with your real windows user name do I?)

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8 Responses to Teaching Slic3r to remember your settings

  1. Rob says:

    the new 0.9.x version of slic3r makes it even simpler: There are now separate tabs with printer, filament and printer settings and you can save the settings on each of those tabs individually – giving them meaningful names (like ABS and PLA). When you restart slic3r it will automagically load all your settings and select the last ones used as the ones to start with.

    So now you can have mutliple printers, materials and printer settings and combine them as needed.

    All settings files are saved in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r\ in Windows 7. Just copy them to some safe place as backup and remove the ones you don’t need anymore

    • Richard Neal says:

      could you please tell us how too get the extruder to work again once it stops? Slicer3r worked fine till i tried to adjust the retract and something went wrong when i tried to print? the extruder stopped working, no extrusion. i tried several changes but nothing worked? Finally, i uninstalled and re-installed the slicer3r and it found the old settings and there was no change? Still not print. Reading on Reprap wedsite there are others having sthe same problem. It’s a great program but what happened ? i don’t know?
      nealre990@gmail.com any suggestioons would be great.


      Rick Neal

      • If your previously working extruder motor is suddenly jamming, the most likely problem is that you’ve got melted plastic too far up the extruder hot end. Maybe your retraction distance was too big. It can leave a blob too high up the hot end.

        When that happened to me (long ago, memory is fragile…) I think I had to back the stuck filament out of the hot end by hand.

        I did this by removing the friction bearing pinning the filament to the extruder gear wheel. Then heating the hot end up to temperature and gently pulling the filament upward out of the hot end by hand. It feels weird because the heated filament stretches as it unsticks from the inside of the extruder feed, so be gentle but persistent.

        Once you’ve got the filament out, you can quickly check that the extruder stepper motor is still working by using the extrude and retract buttons. Then put it all back together and feed in the filament again.

        Hope that helps.

  2. BrazenArtifice says:

    Thanks for the comment Rob.

    You’re right that editing multiple configuration setups is much easier in the newer versions of Slic3r.

    Lately I’ve mostly been using version 0.92. I still have version 0.7.2b installed, as some folks are saying it still does a better job of giving you exactly what the stl file asks for. They say that some of the optimisations and cleverness in the more recent versions can result in odd problems on certain sorts of models. So it is good to have both versions installed, in case the output of the 0.9 series doesn’t do what you expect.

  3. Felice says:

    I wonder if the same can be done on MAC.

    • BrazenArtifice says:

      Sorry Felice, I don’t have access to a Mac, so I can’t test it. I suggest you just use the configuration tabs that Rob refers to above.

  4. Todd Gordon says:

    I have used Slic3R dozens of times to 3D print with Repetier in Windows 7. Now, when I load something into Repetier and tell Slic3R to slice it I get the messages “I could not find the generated G-code file.” “Possible reasons” “-the slicer had an error and didn’t finish slicing.” “Check the log outpt.” ( I do not know how to do this) “-the slicer stored the file with an unexpected filename”. “Expected file name and location C:\Users\Todd|appData\Local\RepetierHost\compositiongcode”.
    What can I do to make this work as it has in the past? I would greatly appreciate your help!
    Todd Gordon

    • Hi Todd:
      To me it was the same thing and I thought to export the G- code to the location of the folder that asks: C: \ Users \ (your user) | appData \ Local \ RepetierHost \ composition. (Composition is the name of the file that the program gives by default and I have left it).
      After this I close the slice3r and no longer gives me the error and runs the slice3r as always.
      I do not know if this is the right way but at least it works.


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