Updated Slic3r config file for version 0.7.0

For a while now I’ve been exclusively using Slic3r for converting .stl files to .gcode files, so I can print things on my home-built 3D printer. The current version of Slic3r is 0.7.0, and it does what I expect it to most of the time. I’ve been successfully experimenting with different settings for things like ‘Lift’ and ‘Retract Speed’ lately so I’ve updated the file I’ve posted as the Slic3r config page on this blog.

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Construction concerns

Gary wrote a detailed comment to this post, in which he described his experiences and frustrations with the mechanical side of building his Prusa kit. Rather than respond with another comment, I thought I’d write a post, covering his points.

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Fixing negative volumes with netfabb

I’ve blogged before about using Netfabb to fix problems in STL files, especially when I’ve downloaded them from Thingiverse.com. Last night I had a problem that the desktop version of Netfabb wouldn’t fix. After spending some time searching for understanding, I found that the cloud version of netfabb fixed the STL automatically.

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Slic3r and Extruder calibration

Rich over at RichRap has just started a series of posts on using Slic3r for preparing STL files for printing, explaining the effects of the various parameters. His first article also includes some good info on calibrating your extruder output, too.

I’ve been faithfully reading his blog for a while now. Well worth following.

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What is that weird object in your banner image?

Bronze geometric sculpture in Brisbane

Bronze geometric sculpture in Brisbane

I realised that I’ve never posted the uncropped version of my banner image, or explained where it came from.

It is a cropped section from a photo I took of this wonderful bronze sculpture at the base of the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, in Australia. Brisbane is my nearest big city, about 2.5 hours drive away.

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Purple Post-Punk Otter Rock

Pep the purple otter with his 3D printed bass guitar

Pep the purple otter with his 3D printed bass guitar

This is Pep. He’s a purple otter, from the TV show ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’.

We found him in an op-shop toy basket in a tiny town surrounded by desert and scorched wheat fields in South Australia. Since we already had both Pip and Pop, we realised his name had to be Pep. He’s now our constant travelling companion.

Recently he’s developed a desire to play rock music. Luckily, this bass guitar just appeared on Thingiverse. Thanks future-tinker! Rock On!

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Happy New Year

A small plastic statue of the Venus de Milo, backlit and glowing

Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty

Welcome to the new year 2012.

An old song by Shriekback might wish you

“Health and knowledge and wealth and power, passion and poems and sex”

Richard Bach has said that the only two real reasons for being here on this planet are to learn and to have fun.

Me, I’d wish you beauty, happiness, and a numinous sense of wonder, regardless of how they appear in your life.

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